Alfa Patent & Trademark Consulting


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Alfa Patent & Trademark Consulting is an Indonesian law firm in the field of intellectual property rights that provides consulting services and legal services in the field of intellectual property rights which include IPR registration, law enforcement in the field of IPR and IPR commercialization. Alfa Patent & Trademark Consulting was established in 2006 under the name Alpha Paten International Law Firm. In 2012, there was a management restructuring to improve our services to clients. Since then the company name was changed to ALFA PATENT AND TRADEMARK CONSULTING.

Over time, we have experienced in assisting our clients from within the country as well as from various countries such as USA, Australia, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Hungary, Denmark, Estonia, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and so on, for IPR registration in Indonesia.

In addition, we also provide high quality services in assisting, advising and representing our clients in IPR litigation. Alfa Patent & Trademark Consulting has experience in handling IPR cases particularly in patent, trademark, copyright and industrial design at every level of Court in Indonesia.

In line with our commitment to promote and increase public awareness in exercising their intellectual property rights, Alfa Patent & Trademark Consulting develops our services in the field of IPR commercialization to assist clients in exercising and utilizing their intellectual property rights both domestically and abroad.